Think about it . . . To mobilize more support for your own issues you will need as many supporters as possible. At The People's Email Network we believe the key to winning on any issue is multi-issue activism. Only if we speak out on each other's causes will any achieve the critical mass to prevail.

This is why we created the Issue Action Center. By featuring this modest sized button on your page, you are helping to encourage real activism on the most important issues of the day, including your own, displayed in menu form when you roll over it with your mouse.

Each issue entry link leads directly to an action page where you can submit your personal message to all your members of Congress at once with a single click. And the list of issues displayed automatically updates in real time as new issues come up for consideration. It's a post once, always current system. You will always be featuring the hottest issues of the day which require action right now.

Move your mouse over the Issue Action Center button. It automatically senses its position and corrects for scrolling. Mouse out and the menu vanishes.

Copy the default code below and put in on your site anywhere you like:

Or else submit the form below to place your own custom issue at the top of the list and we'll host a free issue action page for you too.

Choose Your Issue Action Center ID And Password
Your ID      Password
  ID must start with a letter
State Your Issue As A Position Statement
(tell congress what you want them to do)

maximum length = 68 characters

Just submit the form to the left and the return page will contain your custom Issue Action Center code ready to post on your site and use right away! Your own issue will appear in the number one position of your new Issue Action Center.

Choose a unique ID for your new Issue Action Center starting with a letter and then using any combination of letters and numbers from 6-10 characters. With your password you can edit your Issue Action Center to change to a new custom issue any time in the future, and it will update itself automatically in real time.

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