It's time for those of us who are already active speaking out on the issues to engage our neighbors to start doing the same. None of us can bring about change working alone as much as we can by inspiring and reaching out to others to do the same. The Blades of Grass outreach initiative will empower you with simple, easy to use tools to organize your own local neighborhood in the most effective possible way. Submitting this form will set you up with your own password protected contact manager to become an activist powerhouse.

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Here's what you get for free for starters:
  • Create your OWN action pages on our submission server on any issue you care about, for contacting all your members of Congress and your nearest daily newspaper too!
  • Simple worksheets and contact forms to build your own personal network of neighborhood activists
  • Tested sample scripts for engaging people to speak out for the first time
  • A password protected contact management application to help you track your movement building progress
  • Regularly updated project materials to let you coordinate with other activists all over the country
  • Integrated email tools to empower you to do your own action alerts
The time to start canvassing is not the morning of election day. If we are to speak truth to power we must talk to the people also, for the people truly do have all the power. They've always had all the power. Street by street, building by building, door by door, each person who will speak out now will be that much more motivated, to replace members of Congress who would not listen with those who will.

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