The Democratic leaders of congress MUST refuse to grant Bush the $700 billion gift he's asking for.

They've been frightened and intimidated like they were when Bush threatened them with the blame if Saddam used WMDs - when they approved Bush's request for permission to go to war. Not This Time!!!

Tell Congress To Help Distressed Homeowners DIRECTLY, Instead Of Bailing Out Wall Street Profiteers
The Democratic leaders must take control and demand that fresh, strong economists look at the "financial meltdown disaster capitalism stories" Paulson and Bernanke are selling and they must not allow themselves to be rushed into passing legislation like they did when they allowed Bush to take us into war.

Any legislation passed must instead DIRECTLY assist American homeowners who are ultimate victims of the mortgage and housing economic problems facing America, for that is the real and only way to save the banks.

We need to tell the leaders of congress and our own legislators that we're watching them. We remember how they failed us before the Iraq war and we won't let it happen again.

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