Now that the people driven impeachment movement is starting to get some serious attention, some of those members of Congress who have been resisting impeachment are proposing half-stepping measures such as censure.

It seems even Jay Inslee's proposal to impeach Gonzales was in part to distract from Cheney/Bush impeachment (which he still opposes).
But it has had the opposite effect, and calls for impeachment itself are also expanding.

First there was Russ Feingold, and now comes Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) with his own proposed censure resolutions. But if it is true as he asserts that Cheney and Bush LIED about Iraqi WMDs and links to Al Qaeda, those are monumental constitutional crimes which DEMAND impeachment. And if it is true as he asserts that they willfully instituted torture violating the Geneva Conventions, corrupted our system of justice by firing prosecutors at the highest levels for partisan political reasons, defying Congressional oversight and obstructing justice about these matters on top of it all, there is one and only one adequate response . . . impeachment.

Unless we immediately move for impeachment, what will happen when another president comes along who is only 80% as bad as Cheney and Bush? Their asserted defense may well be "Hey, you didn't impeach them for what they did, so get out of my face." Cheney has been quoted in the Senate chambers using blunter words than that.

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