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A President cannot commit a more serious crime against our democracy than lying to Congress and the American people to get them to support a military action or war. It is not just cowardly and abhorrent to fool others into giving their lives for a nonexistent threat, it is that the decision to go to war, in a democracy, must be made by the people and their representatives. Given that the consequences is death for tens of thousands of people and the diversion of billions of dollars to the war effort, the fraud cannot be tolerated. The President should be impeached for committing fraud.

On December 17, 2005, President Bush admitted he repeatedly authorized wire taps without obtaining a warrant. Thousands of calls were monitored and the information obtained widely circulated among Federal agencies. These warrantless wiretaps violate FISA, which requires court approval for national security wire taps. Violation of the FISA is a felony. Recent revelations regarding the warrantless monitoring of millions of emails and phone calls by the NSA under authorization from the President are further violations of FISA and the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. The President should be impeached for committing these felonies.

In addition, it is imperative that a full investigation be undertaken regarding President Bush's role in the systematic torture and abuse of detainees. Violating his oath of office, the Geneva Convention, and the War Crimes Act would constitute impeachable offenses.

Upon taking office, the President took an oath in which he swore to take care that the laws would be faithfully executed. He has been guilty of such gross incompetence or reckless indifference to his obligation to execute the laws faithfully as to call into question whether he takes his oath seriously or is capable of doing so. Our nation has no choice but to impeach the President

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