Our own federal government (GAO) issued a report on Elections in September 2005, noting that "significant concerns about the security and reliability of electronic voting systems" have been raised (p. 22). GAO indicated that "some of these concerns have been realized and have caused problems with recent elections, resulting in the loss and miscount of votes" (p. 23). Yet our counties are being forced to procure new voting equipment (either all machines or just one handicapped access per precinct).

This is unacceptable. We should not be voting on unsecure, unreliable machines! We must have a way to prove that our vote is recorded, counted, and reported fully and accurately.

There are presently two bills in our legislature that address this need--Conti's Senate Bill 977 and Frankel's House Bill 2000, requiring voter-verified paper ballots and random manual audits. We ask you to call and/or email each of your county commissioners/council members, using the form below, and demand that any voting machines purchased or rented meet the standards of these two bills by providing voter-verified paper ballots, which can be used for recounts and manual audits.

The state has ruled that counties need only pass a resolution to commit funds for new machines by Dec. 31. This allows more time to explore alternatives as the state continues to examine different machines. Then tell 10 friends to call too. We want voter-verified paper ballots as in SB 977 and HB 2000.

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