We are Charles Coleman, Jr. (D), 28th C.D. and Bob McCloskey (D), 29th C.D.  We are candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and we are the founders of the Impeach Team.  But we're not just waiting to get elected, we are standing up for you right now.

Please join us in calling for the IMMEDIATE impeachment of both president George W. Bush and vice-president Dick Cheney.  What is this talk about waiting until November?  We all know this is long overdue.  Why are our current representatives not demanding immediate accountability?  Every day that passes brings revelations of more egregious abuses of power and more outrageous lies told to the American people.  If you'd like to find out more about our campaigns and the other things we are standing strong for, please visit our web sites, Charles Coleman, Jr. and Bob McCloskey.

Your donation of any amount will help us rally more people to build the people's impeachment movement.  We need to buy ads on Air America to call all those who care about saving our country into action, and to run ads in the Los Angeles Times to let people know there are real alternatives in our own districts, candidates who are standing up and fighting NOW.  Just choose a candidate (we are both committed to applying your donations in the same way) to contribute to, affirm your eligibility and select either the PayPal or the ActBlue button below.
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