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It's Time to Close the USA's Torture Center
The Bush Administration has finally admitted that the detainees at Guantanamo are covered by the Geneva Convention. Then in the same breath said that, of course, they were already being treated humanely and in accordance with the Geneva Convention. In point of fact, the express purpose of Guantanamo in their own words was to create the legal of equivalent of "outer space".

Well, I don't know know where it says in the Geneva convention that you can "waterboard" someone into thinking you are going to drown them. I don't know where it says you can keep them living outside in all weather for months at time. I don't know where it says you can deny Red Cross visits. And I don't know where anything in America says that you can deny alleged criminals their attorneys!

As a Candidate, as an American, I'm fed up with an Administration that squeezes through non-existent legal loopholes to get what they want. In this case it's the ability to abuse and/or torture men and women who haven't been proven guilty of anything yet. In one case, one man's attorney hadn't been able to see him for three years.

The Supreme Court is beginning to take action to end the legal nightmares. Perhaps that is a beginning of a long legal process. But MOW is time for the American people to DEMAND that we end the abuse and horrors of our torture center in Guantanamo!

We must live up to our American ideals or the terrorists truly have won. Write your letter below and fill it with your voice and your feelings. Our Congresspeople and Senators need to know that it is time to close GITMO!

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