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Tell The F.E.C. To Slam ABC/Disney Over Their Docu-Fraud
Although they have gone out of their way to only provide previews to extreme right wing media pundits, those who have see parts of the new ABC/Disney "docu-drama" titled "The Path To 9/11" report it is rife with lies and distortions with the purpose of wrongly blaming the 9/11 catastrophe entirely on Democrats. Despite cosmetic edits one right-wing blogger was assured, "The message of the Clinton admin failures remains fully intact." So there you have it, a Swift Boat level hatchet job, with the premediated purpose of trying to pin political blame on the party out of power for the total failure of George Bush to protect us on 9/11.

Who was it who sat there with a stupid look on his face reading a children's book while America was under attack? Who was it who blew off warnings by his CIA briefer that Bin Laden was determined to strike in the United States with a dismissive, "All right, you've covered your ass, now?" Who was it who held not one meeting on the terrorist threat despite urgent warnings with their hair on fire that it was the greatest peril the country faced.

It is a disgrace that the same media, that has with incessant misinformation persuaded half the American public that Iraq had something to do with 9/11, should now try to lean on the scales of the upcoming general election with their whole arm, propagating more knowing lies for partisan political ends.

Since the broadcast represents nothing more than a FREE multi-million dollar political advertisement (as betrayed by being previewed only to extreme right wingers), and a deceptive and slanderous one at that, ABC/Disney should be ordered to cease and desist, and the F.E.C. should step in and enforce that.

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