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It used to be that after the wealthy and powerful had their banquets, whatever scraps and crumbs might be left over would fall to the dogs. And in the House of Representatives late Friday night and into wee hours of Saturday morning it was still just that way. The bill they were trying to jam through on the last day before their recess, H.R. 5970, was entitled "Estate Tax and Extension of Tax Relief Act", yet another shameless budget busting giveaway to those precious few who least need it, which had already been rejected time and time again by the Senate.

But their Republican co-conspirators in the Senate had hatched an evil plot overnight. You knew there had to be something suspicious going on because most of the day passed and the House still had not come into session. What they decided to pull was to try to grease this pig of bill through by tagging on a crippled version of the long overdue minimum wage increase, for which there WAS popular support, as if all of a sudden Republicans were in favor of the minimum wage increase they had previously blocked at every juncture for 10 years.

Well, we can read the title of the bill ourselves [the actual text is still not available online], and an increase of the minimum wage is mentioned NOWHERE in it as its purpose. The Democrats had to scramble to even read the thing, dumped as it was in their laps literally just before the Republicans tried to ram a vote through on it. And come to find out that if enacted as written many workers would actually see a REDUCTION in their wages. Oh, and they threw in a bunch of other stuff the Republicans had been dragging their hooves on too that really needed to be passed.

At the end of the day the bill would do infinitely more harm than good, saddling the rest of us with 800 billion dollars in additional debt so that the excessively rich could get theirs first. And of course the clincher was that when the Democrats called a vote on restructuring the bill to strip out the estate tax giveaway only, the result was a mean-spirited near party line vote. So much for Republicans in favor of raising the minimum wage. All they EVER really wanted to do was hold it for ransom.

We've been waiting nine long years for our next pay raise, while Congress has raised its own salary every year. We can wait another 3 months to kick out enough of these hypocrites to get a real Congress working again in the interests of the people.

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