The picture on the left is from the Democratic National Convention in Denver a couple weeks ago where Cindy Sheehan wrote the words "PEACE NOW" a mile high in the sky over the convention center, which was a tremendous uplift to the many progressive demonstators there.

We need MORE strong voices for peace in Congress, to put some real backbone into ending the strategically lunatic expenditures in Iraq, which has already nearly bankrupted our entire economy.

If you want to help phone bank, please send Cindy a message here.

Remember, with your help, she had already performed the miracle of collecting more than 10,000 verified district signatures to get on the ballot as a true independent.

This week, again thanks to your kind contributions, Cindy has financed a huge Zogby poll, to demonstrate just how out of step the current Speaker is with the constitutents of San Francisco she is supposed to be representing. And there is a wonderful new TV spot in production that Cindy hopes to start running in heavy rotation this coming week. Please watch this space for a preview of the video in a couple more days.

In the next six weeks, Cindy wants to have someone knock on every door and ring every phone in the city at least once. And you can help in so many ways. If you can make a donation of any amount to help keep a roof over the head of her most dedicated full time canvassers, please use this form to do so.

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Now just click the button to the left to go directly to the secure Wired for Change site, or else you can click here to donate by mail.
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