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The People's Email Network exists to give you an avenue to more effectively communicate with your legislative representatives. We take no political position on any of the questions presented. That is your responsibility as a citizen. Help us spread the word about this resource to everyone you know.
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Privacy Policy

Updated June 2005

Your privacy is important to us. By your participation in this website you agree to use your own email client program to send emails based on the inputs you provide, and authorize us to submit that information to various congressional email gateways on your behalf. You also expressly declare your willingness and permission to receive notice by email approximately once a week of the question at issue on this site, or for any other related purpose, either directly from us, or added by us to an email forwarded by another participant with their consent. You are advised and acknowledge that any email addresses you input may be used in the same way to spread the word about this website.

Virtually all senators and representatives require a complete mailing address with all incoming emails. Some require a phone number as well. If you have the capability enabled, we may use cookies to store your personal information at your end for your convenience. This information will be transmitted to the senators and representatives associated with your district, or other policy maker recipients designated on a particular action page, together with your message, but except for your name, email address and question preference will not be disclosed in any other emails you send to friends or other parties through the functions on this page. We may disclose this information upon authorized request. No personal information, including email addresses, is shared with any other party except as it relates to the mission of the website.

We may send you a notice no more than about once a week related to issue questions on the network, including but not limited to sending test messages to verify the proper operation of the network. Anyone who no longer wishes to receive emails through this facility may ask us to block such communications by using the adjacent "Remove me" link. Once such an opt-out is placed, we will use our best efforts to filter your email address out of any messages that are submitted through this system. You are advised that it is still technically possible for another friend to manually add you as a CC to a particular email sent from the client side at their sole control. We reserve the right to confirm by email your election for removal. If you should ever change your mind and wish to remove the opt-out, you must return here and affirmatively opt-in.
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