When you use the Desktop Action program you only have to enter your contact information one time.

Just fill in the fields and click on the "Add/Update" button to configure a new entry in the selectable listbox in the lower left. You use the radio buttons to the left of the email field to select your title and the pulldown option box to select your state.
When you click on something else, each field will compact extra whitespace and prompt you if there is anything missing, for example too few digits in your five digit zip code or an invalid email format.

If you click on the "Clear" button the form field will reset, but the currently highlighted selection in the listbox in the lower left will remain active. If you click on the "Delete" button the currently highlighted selection will be deleted altogether.

If there are already two entries in the listbox in the lower left, clicking on the "Add / Update" button will replace the currently highlighted entry, otherwise a new entry will be created.
Download the Desktop Action program for Windows here
1. Do I Have To Provide A Phone Number?
A phone number is only required if you are doing submissions of Letters to the Editor of newspapers, as they almost all require one for possible confirmation purposes before publication. A couple dozen members of Congress also require a phone number to accept messages, but that is not a requirement of the Desktop Action program itself.
2. Who Gets Sent My Contact Information?
The information you enter in creating a profile is sent to any recipients you select with the checkboxes on one of the Current Priority Actions pages when you submit it. If you have added the email addresses of any friends to the "Friends Emails" textbox there they will get an email with your name and your email address only as the "From:" address of the email. Friends emails are not sent any other contact information. In the case of links to regular web pages controlled by The People's Email Network, this contact information may also be sent to prepopulate the forms there. If there is ever an option to prepopulate a form somewhere else, we will endeavor to provide a specific notice to that effect.
3. How Do I Uninstall The Program?
If you ever want to remove the program from your operating system menu go to Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and look for the entry for "Desktop Action". We are working on an upgrade that will include this function as a start menu entry.

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