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Tell Congress to not support the killing of innocent civilians in Lebanon
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H. Res. 921 passed the U. S. House on July 20, by a vote of 410-8. This measure expressed unconditional support of "Israel's right to defend itself". The ghastly extent of what Israel has done, and continues to do, is just beginning to peek through our propaganda-based corporate media. Israel is in the process of destroying the entire infrastructure in southern Lebanon and creating 500,000 refugees. A "humanitarian disaster" in the making and we idly sit on our hands. As civilian deaths mount, the estimated property damage is already in the billions.

By passing H. R. 921, our Congress has become complicit with Israel in washing its hands of any responsibility for the civilian deaths. Israel says it is dropping leaflets telling people to get out, but then it bombs the roadways. What of Hezbollah? Are they innocent? Absolutely not! It is not okay for Hezbollah to do what they have done and are continuing to do. They are behaving as international criminals and deserve to be condemned by everyone who has a shred of human decency, but their provocations pale in comparison to the monstrous actions Israel is committing right now in response. Our administration and the Congress, along with John Bolton, who vetoed a security council resolution on July 13th calling for a cease fire, are all completely out of control. Join me in signing this petition addressed to our members of Congress right now and demanding an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon. If we do not do the right thing in this situation, it may fairly be said by much of the rest of the world, that all Americans have become war criminals. So call, call again, and call some more until reason is achieved.

Please go to this link if you haven't seen what has happened. Tell Congress to watch what they have condoned.

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