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Democrats for Democrats . . . not Losers who Run as Independents
Joe Lieberman has been given the privilege of sitting as a US Senator for 18 years. He's even been given the extraordinary privilege of being nominated for The Democratic Party's choice for Vice President. He was almost one heartbeat away from the Presidency . . . and all this as a Democrat because of you, the Democrats across this nation.

Yesterday he announces, "I have higher loyalties than my Party." He admits for the first time, on CNN, he is pulling signature petitions to run as an Independent if he loses the primary on August 8th in Connecticut. It seems Lieberman believes he will lose, or he would not be taking this extraordinary step to betray the very Party that put him in office and nearly into the Vice Presidency. It is an outrage!

Until now the leadership of the Party, perhaps out of respect for his 18 years, has either backed his candidacy or refused to pledge their support to the Democratic Party Winner of that primary.

Today, and every day until it is done, we must demand that our leadership stand as one and repudiate this man who would so dishonor our Party and our system of candidate choice that has worked for the many decades. Joe Lieberman is being challenged at a primary by a previously unknown opponent. If he loses he should be a man and support the winner on to victory in the General Election. And then quietly walk off stage. He does not deserve our respect, in any form, if he does not.

And who must we hammer home this message to: Chuck Schumer, Chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, Barack Obama and every other Democratic Senator [if you have Democratic senators in your state] whose heart must be torn tonight to see this outright betrayal of our Party and its ideals.

We, the voters of the Democratic Party and our Party itself, must oppose this man, if he runs as an Independent. Even the consideration of such an act is an insult to every real Democrat.

This is a terrible day for the Democratic Party and this betrayal must not be allowed to stand.

Send your message to the Democratic caucus . . . make it emotional and searing with heat. This must not be allowed to stand.

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