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The California Secretary of State is allowing a limited period for us to comment on the proposed standards for a paper audit trail in California elections. All parties concede that this is necessary for election integrity, the question is whether the standards proposed will facilitate recounts where necessary, or whether they will impose expensive and difficult procedural barriers. Many are also concerned that allowing remote wireless or internet access to our voting machines is a fatal breach of security. Please read the question carefully to make sure your vote matches you comments.

Proposed Diebold System:
Small type on gas pump type receipts
Multiple votes on a roll
Unstable thermal paper
Difficult to hand recount

Citizen Proposed Requirements:
At least 12 point type
Separate sheet for each vote record
Permanent ink record
Recount friendly format

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The requirement for an Accessible Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail legislated in September is being subverted by cynical products such as the Diebold thermal paper continuous roll miniature type printer, which obviously will not be useful for an actual hand count of votes. The standards need to be made more specific, to assure that this kind of travesty is not certified.

Please include in the Standards for Accessible Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail Systems the following provisions:

Any voting systems approved for use in California after January 1, 2005 shall have a AVVPAT that conforms to the adopted Standards.

The AVVPAT shall be printed on single sheet non-thermal at least 16 pound paper, one record of vote per sheet.

Every recorded vote, no matter how recorded, shall have a AVVPAT copy.

The AVVPAT record of the vote shall be printed in a minimum of 12 point font.

The AVVPAT shall be printed and organized to be easily read by both the voter and election officials.

The AVVPAT during the 1% manual audit and any recount shall be physically verified and hand counted only.

The recorded vote choices on the AVVPAT shall not be audited or recounted by automatic or electronic methods.

There shall not be a method by which any particular voting record can be connected to any particular voter.

Any AVVPAT spoiled or rejected by a voter because of a voting system error shall not be counted as a spoiled ballot under the two spoiled ballots limit.

No remote access to voting machines by wireless or internet.


1. DIEBOLD GEMS 1.18.22 AV-TSX 4.6.1 Voting System with The Accu View Printer Module
2. E S & S TABULATORS, Models 100, 550, and 650
3. Any System with Wireless and Internet Capabilities
4. BAN DIEBOLD From Doing Business in California

In order to protect, preserve and defend the Sanctity of the Vote, I hereby request that State Certification be denied to the above mentioned voting systems and equipment as they are in violation of the following;



SECTION 1. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require.

SEC. 2.5. A voter who casts a vote in an election in accordance with the laws of this State shall have that vote counted.


Both the Diebold System and the E S &S Tabulators operate on Proprietary Closed Source Code Software, their tabulating processes being so secretive and hidden from public scrutiny and observation as to make the verification and observation process hidden and non transparent to the Voter. This is antithetical to the very foundation of American Democracy.

AVVPAT: (Accessible Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail)

A voter's ballot is one of the most important documents which exist in a free society. California voters deserve an AVVPAT equal in size and layout to a standard ballot, not a gas pump receipt. This size AVVPAT is actually intentionally constructed so as to create an impediment and discouragement to a voter's use for verifying their vote. A proper AVVPAT must be constructed so as to ENABLE the voter to verify their choices, not to discourage a voter to verify their vote. The so called AVVPAT on the Diebold is so small as to be unreadable to Voters with less than perfect eyesight, making it prejudicial and discriminatory towards voters with a form of eyesight disability. Further, due to its miniscule small size, the Diebold AVVPAT is so small as to make it impossible for the voter to properly review their choices in one continuous viewing. This small size only serves the needs of Diebold, it does not serve the needs of the voters. Also, the paper is Thermal Paper, decreasing the shelf life readability, rendering it useless for a meaningful recount and not in compliance for the 22 month mandatory ballot retention laws. The ONLY acceptable and valid AVVPAT is one filled out by the hand of the voter, not a replica or copy of how the machine voted.


This functionality MUST be denied as it compromises the entire integrity, secrecy, and security of the voting process. Any knowledgeable hacker with a good encryption cracking program can access and corrupt and alter the voting data in a matter of minutes. The E S & S tabulators have a Dell Laptop which contains wireless equipped functionalities.


Enforce California Election Code Section 19214.5, Subsection (a) and (3) due to their Criminal Acts of Defrauding 17 California Counties in the sale of Uncertified Software.

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