We are Marcy Winograd (D-CA), 36th C.D., and Bob McCloskey (D-CA), 29th C.D. and Charles Coleman, Jr. (D-CA), 28th C.D.  We are candidates for the U.S. House, and founders of the Impeach Team.  But we're not just waiting to get elected, we are standing up for you right now.

Please join us in calling for the IMMEDIATE impeachment of both president George W. Bush and vice-president Dick Cheney.  What is this talk about waiting until November?  Why are our current representatives not demanding immediate accountability?  Every day that passes brings revelations of more egregious abuses of power and more outrageous lies told to the American people.  To find out more about the other things we are standing strong for, please visit our web sites, Marcy Winograd, Bob McCloskey and Charles Coleman, Jr.

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The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) law is very clear in that the executive branch must get a warrant in order to spy on Americans on American soil. George W. Bush has repeatedly confessed to violating this law. Therefore, it is the duty of members of the House of Representatives to impeach Bush. Add to that the lies about Iraq, the treason of outing a critical CIA operative, the torture and abuse scandals, and there are enough high crimes and misdemeanors to impeach a half a dozen presidents and vice-presidents.

It really is that simple. We often hear the argument from Democrats that it is better to wait until after the November elections. Why??? There is no assurance that Democrats will take back the Congress in November. Indeed, it is only by taking a strong stand NOW on the issues, and impeachment is the mother of them all, that it will ever happen.

In the meantime, each Democrat in Congress is collecting a salary. They are getting paid to serve us, and if they neglect to initiate impeachment now, then they are not doing their job. Our constitution is designed for checks and balances between the three branches and taxpayers are not paying them to sit on their hands. In California at least there is an active measure (AJR 39) for the state to itself force the impeachment issue on Congress. And if you are from CA you can speak to your state legislators through this action form as well.

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Marcy Winograd (with Cindy Sheehan)
Teacher & Peace Activist (D) 36th Congressional District

Bob McCloskey
Retired Labor Union Organizer & Peace Activist (D) 29th Congressional District

Charles Coleman, Jr. (with Divina, Charles III and Emyrene)
Teacher, Peace Activist & '04 Candidate (D) 28th Congressional District

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Stacey Tallitsch (LA-01)