Congress continues to bring forward campaign propaganda masquerading as a debate on Iraq. Our fallen service members deserve better. The so-called "War on Terror" is a sham. Pakistan just said Bin Laden is welcome to stay in their country indefinitely.

There were no terrorists in Iraq to go to war AGAINST, except ones the Bush and Cheney themselves elevated by their reckless occupation. And continuing the occupation there will just breed two more local insurgents for every one they pick off in a photo-op bombing.
The Peace Team Was Founded By Stacey Tallitsch (LA-01) and Tony Trupiano (MI-11)
There are congressional candidates all over the country who are standing together calling for our troops to START coming home from Iraq now. The Peace Team web site was created by Stacey Tallitch and Tony Trupiano to demonstrate that, by making a place where we can show our solidarity together. To put an end to a military occupation that is by design endless, at some point in time a line must be drawn in the sand. That time is NOW.

Stacey Tallitsch:
Stacey Tallitsch is a Katrina survivor who lost all his worldly possessions by both wind and flood. Happily however, his wife Deandrea and two children ages 10 and 12 survived the storm. He is a computer engineer who worked as an administrator at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans prior to Katrina. As a computer engineer working for Fortune 500 companies, like the Options Clearing Corporation on the Chicago Board of Trade, and International Paper, Stacey has prided himself on providing only the best business solutions in the ever changing world of technology. Stacey has committed his heart and soul to Louisiana and still refuses to leave.
Tony Trupiano:
Over the course of the last decade, Tony enjoyed considerable success as a national morning show host, moving into overnights in 1998. Tony’s evolution into political talk was solidified on September 11, 2001 when his then employer, Boston-based Talk America Radio Network, called upon him to host a marathon nine hour live radio broadcast. From that point on Tony has dedicated every single hour of his program to the fundamental ideas and truths of the Democratic Party and his values as a passionate progressive. When people ask what Democrats stand for Tony has their first answer, "peace." And so, The Peace Team.

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[Standing together calling for our troops in Iraq to START coming home NOW]
Herb Paine (AZ-03)
Bill Durston (CA-03)
Steve Haze (CA-21)
Sharon Beery (CA-22)
Jill Martinez (CA-24)
Cynthia Matthews (CA-26)
Florice Hoffman (CA-40)
Louis Contreras (CA-41)
Louis Vandenberg (CA-44)
Jeeni Criscenzo (CA-49)
Samm Simpson (FL-10)
Bob Bowman (FL-15)
Dave Patlak (FL-18)
Frank Gonzalez (FL-21)
Clint Curtis (FL-24)
Michael Calderin (FL-25)
Steve Sinton (GA-06)
Richard Auman (IL-16)
Danny L. Stover (IL-19)
Barry Welsh (IN-06)
Kenneth Stepp (KY-05)
Stacey Tallitsch (LA-01)
Jean Hay Bright (ME-Senate)
Kimon Kotos (MI-02)
Nancy Skinner (MI-09)
Tony Trupiano (MI-11)
Coleen Rowley (MN-02)
Jack Truman (MO-07)
Veronica J. Hambacker (MO-08)
Bill Glass (NC-09)
Richard Carsner (NC-10)
Viola Thomas-Hughes (NJ-02)
Dr. Robert Johnson (NY-23)
Charles W. Sanders (OH-03)
Richard Siferd (OH-04)
Dr. Steven Porter (PA-03)
Michael Ray Ellisor (SC-02)
Charlie Thompson (TX-05)
David Harris (TX-06)
James Wright (TX-08)
Ted Ankrum (TX-10)
Roger J. Waun (TX-13)
Andrew Hurst (VA-11)
John M. Curry (WI-06)